Hi there, my name is Taylor and welcome! I live in Georgia with my little family of five. We welcomed our newest addition to the family in September of 2019, making me a momma of THREE. WOW! Madelyn (5), Kai (4), and Banks (baby).

I started Little Blonde Book in September of 2013. I had just moved from South Florida to South Carolina to start my life with my then boyfriend, Chris, now husband and father to our three kiddos. I wanted a space where I can be creative and share what I love. My kids, style, home decor, flowers and gardening, pajamas, coffee, skincare and makeup to name a few!

Never in a million years did I think my little space here on the internet would lead me to where I am today with Little Blonde Book. Being able to work with brands that I admire, connect with amazing people, and do what I love each day is a huge blessing.

Each day I am continuously blown away by all of your continued support. Thank you all so much for following along and being here with me. I love you so much!


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