No Heat Hair Scrunch

No Heat Hair Scrunch

This week on Instagram stories, I shared my no heat, hair scrunch "tutorial". (I went ahead and saved it to a highlight so that you can reference and watch back at any time!) In this post I'm going to talk about the products I regularly use to achieve that look, and also what I use to keep my hair healthy.

Here are a few tips, and sharing a bit about each product- 

On damp hair...

When my hair is damp after washing, the first product I use is my Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray. I LOVE this leave-in/heat protectant. My hair is a fine texture, but I have a good amount of it, so products typically tend to weigh my hair down or make it look pretty greasy if I'm not careful. As a blonde, I need extra hydration, and a product that is going to protect my hair from breakage. This is the best product I've found for that, plus it adds shine and smooths!

Next, I love this Oribe nourishing hair oil. This is also a wonderful product that does NOT make my hair greasy, even if I apply it multiple times. I'll apply to my mid lengths to ends while my hair is wet, and then again once dry. 

Lastly, when my hair is still damp I always use a thickening spray for extra volume. Out of all the different brands I've tried, this Oribe Maximista thickening spray is my absolute favorite. Taken from the website because I couldn't have explained it any better, "What it is: A thermal-protective body-builder for hair.What it does: It expands your hair to the absolute fullest with enduring lift and hold."

On dry hair...

For this hairstyle you want texture, so once my hair has air dried, I take my Living Proof full dry volume blast and begin spraying in sections from the root to ends. I love the lasting volume and texture this gives my hair without making my hair feel gross and full of product. The biggest tip I can give is that this product along with my favorite Living Proof dry shampoo is that you need to shake the can prior to using the product. Don't forget this step! Go ahead and tousle your hair, give it a good shake and work that product in along with a little bit of dry shampoo.

Next, you can use any wave spray you like and begin spraying on your mid lengths, and literally scrunch your hair with your hands. I love this Ouai wave spray because it doesn't dry my hair out, and doesn't weigh it down. 

Now, this next step you can do in addition to the wave spray or in place of it. This Aussie scrunch spray would be great for you if your hair has a hard time holding a wave or curl. I used this back in the day when my hair was scrunched ALL THE TIME. If you remember the hair scrunch days, leave me a comment on this post and let me know! 

I've genuinely enjoyed watching all of your stories on Instagram recreating the hair scrunch! 

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