Banks 4 Month Update

Banks 4 Month Update

Banks, 4 months old. 

My sweet Banks, I can't believe you're four months already. Time sure flies when you're having fun! Banks has been such a love, and joy to us. He's our smiley baby, thats for sure. ALWAYS smiling. We're currently in that period of time after his last leap, enjoying the sunshine before the next developmental leap. His little personality has really come out, and he's super vocal. Gosh, I love listening to him coo, squeal,  and try to talk to his brother and sister. Speaking of brother and sister, they are absolutely infatuated with him. From the moment we brought Banks home, they have loved on him ever since. Maddy is such a good big sister and acts like the sweetest little mommy. I was a little nervous going from 2 to 3 kids, but with Madelyn and Kai at the ages they are now (5 and 4) it really has been wonderful. They play with him and actually help me out a lot more than I imagined they would.. or even could! 

Favorite toys and products right now - Banks loves his Lovevery Play Gym, and we love it too! This is something we use daily. He can now reach and play with the hanging toys, and loves to look at the colorful tags, mirror and cards when he's doing tummy time. This is my all time favorite activity gym, and I'm excited to see how he grows with it. The quality is excellent, and it was designed by experts. 

Another item we use daily is the Baby Bjorn bouncer. He LOVES this. Literally bounces himself so fast and laughs. It's the funniest thing to watch! He can also take little naps in it, and it's so lightweight and easy to move that I can take it anywhere. Bathroom for when I need a shower, or when I'm getting ready, doing laundry, working, having meals, take it to my parents when we visit. Everywhere! We also have the toy attachment that he really enjoys.

Parker Baby Bibs, these are amazing. Super soft, and actually absorbent. Banks is a big time drooler, and can soak his entire shirt if he doesn't have a bib on, so these have become an essential! You won't be disappointed in the quality. Highly recommend. 

Answering some of your questions... 

Q. "What is his schedule like?" 
A. This is a hard answer to give because we are not on a strict schedule. With two older kids in school and a full schedule of their own, banks and I are constantly on the go. Below is a "rough schedule"

Between 4-6 am wake up to nurse (lately its been 5am, but if we are lucky he sleeps till 6)
6:40 Turn on lights/get dressed/diaper change/nurse/play while I get Kai ready for school

9 am is school drop off for kai, which interferes with Banks nap time so he usually falls asleep in the car, then I transfer him inside to his crib to finish his nap or he will just sleep in his car seat next to me while I watch him and work on the blog/emails/eat breakfast.

His next nap time is 1 pm which again gets messed up because thats kai's school pickup time, so he will have to nap in his carseat again while I pick him up/run errands.

[He naps roughly 4 hours of the day at this age.]

Bedtime routine starts with nursing at 7pm, then he gets his lotion massage (or if its bath day then I will do a bath before I feed him.  I do not bathe him daily. Around 6 or 7 months he will start nightly baths) and pajamas. Then he will usually nurse one more time before bed!

9 pm bedtime 

Q. "Will you transition Banks out of a swaddle? Will you transition to a sleep sack?"
A. Yes! We actually tried over the weekend, and he is not ready. That's okay. Every baby is different, so we will try again soon. He still very much likes to be swaddled and has a strong moro reflex when he sleeps. By six months he will be sleeping in a sleep sack.

Q. "Did you sleep train or do you plan to?" 
A. We have not, but plan to explore it when the time feels right for Banks. 

Q."Favorite newborn onesie brands"
A. I love Kickee Pants, and Carters. Those are the best! Super soft, wash well and you can get a good length of wear out of them! 

Q."What is the stroller and car seat you use? & Do you love it?"
A. We use our uppababy mesa car seat and vista stroller ! Yes, we used this exact seat and stroller when Kai was a baby, and loved using it with the toddler seats as well! The storage space on the bottom is excellent + its super easy to use + wheels are sturdy and really easy to maneuver! 

Q. "When do you plan to give him his first food? What will it be?"
A. Our pediatrician recommended to wait until 6 months for a breastfed baby. I'm going to wait until then and try a combination of purees and baby led weaning. I'm not sure which we will try first just yet, but if you have any tips on baby led weaning please let me know!

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