Top 5 Baby Gear Items for Your Registry

Top 5 Baby Gear Items for Your Registry

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of my baby registry posts! I recently talked about Walmarts' new baby registry and how impressed I was with it, you can read part 1 post here. In that post, I shared recommendations on items to help get your registry started, and today I'm really narrowing things down to 5 top items for your registry. 

One. Car seat! This is a great item that friends and family can all pitch in for a a gift. We had this Britax infant car seat gifted to us for Madelyns baby shower, we used this until she switched to a convertible seat. We currently have the Maxi Cosi Magellan All-In-One for our new little babe and highly recommend. Another great option is this convertible seat from Britax, and this one from Cybex - both have wonderful safety features.

Two. High Chair. You won't need this right away however, you will need to have this on hand for when your little one starts sitting up and trying solids. It's best to make life less complicated and already have one at home! This 4moms highchair is the one we will be using for our new baby. I'm so excited for the magnetic tray feature. I'll always vividly remember the struggles with those darn high chair trays!!

Three. Swing! This is something that will come in handy right away. You can safely let your little one relax and sleep in a swing like the 4moms Mamaroo. You can select from 5 different motions, and connect for smartphone via bluetooth to control all motion and sound features remotely! We'll also be personally using this item for our baby #3 soon! (I got the classic black!)

Four. Activity Mat. This is an item you'll randomly think of one day, and wish you had it on hand! One important thing about babies? They don't keep. Your little one will be growing rapidly. I typically introduce play and activity mats as soon as 3-4 weeks old. Once baby starts "waking up", and staying awake for longer periods of time, it's wonderful to place them under activity mats and practice tummy time to build their strength and development. (Maddy pictured above with this mat!)

Five. BabyBjorn bouncer. I'm adding this bouncer to the list after having hundreds of people reach out telling me to get this. The incredible online reviews sealed the deal for me. It's lightweight and incredibly easy to use, take with you, move throughout the house. I'm thinking of how great it will be to take into the bathroom, so I can grab a quick shower. Or, place in the kitchen while I'm cooking, take outside to watch the kids play and get some fresh air.. the list goes on. I also like that it won't be overstimulating for baby. Most bouncers I see have too much going on.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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