Labor and Delivery : What I'm Packing In My Hospital Bags for Baby Number 3

Labor and Delivery : What I'm Packing In My Hospital Bags for Baby Number 3

Hi, friends! Today I've rounded up my hospital bags to share what I'm packing. I hope this post is helpful. 

For Baby

Diaper bag
Newborn Nest
Going home outfit - Spearmint Love cactus print footed onesie with a KB Cute Designs Beanie/Top Knot hat
Short Sleeve Bodysuit
Kickee Pants Footie
Lou Lou & CO knotted gown & swaddle newborn set
Beanie/Top Knot hat
Copper Pearl swaddle
Car seat cover
Pacifier + Clip set
Car seat 
White Noise machine

For Me 

I'm using my rose gold rolling carry on this time around, a duffel bag will work just fine though! I personally felt this to be easier to organize everything and roll, rather than lug on your shoulder. Just my two cents :)

Silk pillowcase (it's nice to feel comfortable and more "at home")
Nursing pillow - I'm using the My Brest Friend Pillow
Nursing pads
Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter
Earth Mama Perineal Spray
Wish Garden Afterease for soothing after birth contractions
Slippers! You'll want something comfortable to walk around in!
Always Discreet underwear
Button down Nightgown
Leopard Kimono/Robe
3 piece pajama nursing set (love this set & that it comes with a robe!)
Nursing bra
Nursing tank top
Pajama set
Postpartum PJ pants
Going home outfit - I'm bringing 2 options. Option A) a nursing tank top ( this one is the best!), pair of  leggings, and my barefoot dreams cardigan. Option B) My absolute favorite Rachel Pally dress. This would also be a great option if you are in a warm climate, and/or having a c section.

Pro Tip - [[ Your hospital will provide you with postpartum underwear, pads, diapers, wipes, tucks, dermoplast, and a peri bottle. If you want to purchase extra of these to bring and/or for when you get home, thats totally fine, but you won't absolutely need to bring to hospital! ]]


Face cleanser, moisturizer and face oil, toner (The necessities)
Makeup bag including - foundation or CC cream, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, brow pencil, lip balm
Dry Shampoo
Travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion
Flip Flops for the shower (I know they sanitize and clean the showers, but still I'm grossed out by it)


Health Insurance cards
Snacks (Granola bars, Protein bars, nursing cookies, etc. This will come in handy after birth, and for your husband/SO during labor. You personally will not be allowed to eat during labor depending upon your hospital policy)
Cash for vending machines
1 regular phone charger & 1 portable phone charger
Camera + extra battery + memory card
1 file folder for all of the hospital paperwork you will receive
Letterboard for announcement photo

Husband/ Significant Other

Deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, a change of clothes, and a cozy blanket/pillow depending on their personal preference! For example, Chris is extremely low maintenance so I won't bring him a pillow or a blanket, but I will bring him a book or two that he likes. This really depends on your labor, my daughters labor we had some downtime while I progressed after receiving my epidural. My son was an emergency C-section, so there wasn't much time.

PS: If overpacking makes you happy and feel better, please do what you need to do. If packing less makes you feel better, again please do what you know is best for yourself. This is your labor, your delivery, your baby, and you need to only worry about making sure you feel confident and secure. If someone wants to judge you for what you're bringing or not bringing, let them! With that said, I am an over-packer and not having enough options brings me anxiety. This is my third delivery, my daughter was a vaginal delivery and my son was an emergency caesarean section. After going through two drastically different deliveries, I'm confident in what I need to pack this time around for baby #3!

Best wishes, mama's!


  1. Any recommendations for C Section Prep/ Recovery?

  2. Comfortable clothes, and lots of help for after. It’s a tough recovery, and you won’t be able to drive or lift much but you won’t need anything specific for recovery other than lots of rest and help! Your incision will heal nicely on its own without anything. Just comfy pants!

  3. Hi! Is your clear zippered toiletry bag still linkable?

    1. Here it is! https://truffleco.com/products/clarity-pouch-large/seafoam

  4. Such a chic momma!


  5. My c section wasn’t planned and I had wished I had dresses to wear home because my pants all hurt the incision. And lastly the hospital underwear isn’t that great and it was recommended to me to take my own Depends. Best advice I heard. ♥️

    1. That is great advice regarding a dress for CS mamas! I was also told about the depends this time, so I'm packing some! Thank you!

  6. I'm currently prepping for baby #2 and this list is SO helpful, so thank you for putting it together! I feel like I can barely remember packing for my first birth and have had no clue what to bring this second time around. I've never heard of the Wish Garden Afterease before. Did you use it for your previous births and if so, how well does it work? Did you notice a difference of using it and not using it? Can't wait to see your little one arrive soon!! ♥

    1. I have not used the after ease yet, but I heard a lot of women talk so highly of it, so I'm bringing it with me this time to try! Congrats on baby!!! xoxo

  7. My hospital wouldn’t let husband take baby out at discharge. I had to either hold her or hold her in the car seat while they wheeled me out in wheelchair. Their policy is they know the mother is the mother, so that’s the only person who can leave with the baby.

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