Baby Registry Recommendations

Baby Registry Recommendations

The task of creating your baby registry can be exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. I remember when I first registered when I was pregnant with Madelyn. I was bouncing from website to website researching the best of each item I needed then I would go back and add everything into my registry. Starting out with a blank registry is pretty stressful! We were lucky that our son, Kai, came not long after Madelyn which made it really easy regarding essentials, so we never really registered again for him. Now, it's been a good 3 years, actually almost 4, since we have had any baby items in our home. I was super stressed thinking about the fact that we need EVERYTHING, and have nothing left over from Maddy and Kai. Then, Walmart reached out with their easy and quick baby registry that can fit everyone's needs. It has a wide assortment of brands, including the premium brands! 

Today, I'm going to be sharing recommendations that will hopefully help get your registry started!

What I have enjoyed about using Walmart for our baby registry so far, is that when you sign up and create your registry, there will be custumized items from each category already pre-populated into your registry. From there, you can change each item from a list of different brands, and of course delete what you don't want on there, but I thought it was SO wonderful and made it easier for me to have an idea of everything I needed rather than starting out with a completely blank registry! 

Top Picks - 

Owlet smart sock baby monitor - If you are looking for that extra peace of mind, this is for you! When both of my kids were born, I was up all night even when they were still sleeping, just to check on their breathing. With the Owlet, you can sleep while this monitors baby for you. There is also an option to purchase this with the accompanying video monitor here.

Snoo Smart Sleeper - After hearing amazing things about this bassinet, I've added this to my registry to help us out during those first months. The goal is to get as much rest as possible, whether you're first time parents or not.

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper - A more affordable alternative to the Snoo, we used this with Kai and really enjoyed it.

Boon Grass - We used this daily for drying bottles, teethers, toys, anything that you are cleaning and sanitizing regularly!

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - I used a boppy with both of my kids, and plan on trying this nursing pillow for the new baby after hearing amazing things about it. I'm really excited to use a pillow that has arm and elbow room, ugh I remember my arms getting so tired with the boppy.

Dockatot - We LOVED this. Kai used this forever, and this is one item at the top of my registry for our new baby.

Blooming Baby Bath - This one comes highly recommended, and great if you need something that saves on space, can easily be put away once dried out (hang in shower) and can easily fit into your sink while your little one is so young! Another great option is the Boon Soak 3 stage bath, this is best for tub use, but works in most double sinks.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - We used this once I stopped nursing Kai, and it was life changing. If you plan on formula feeding, I highly recommend this!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. I am genuinely excited to be using your registry for our baby boy!

// One important thing to keep in mind while reading reviews on items, is that reviews can only go so far. I find that everyone is so incredibly different with wants, needs, and level of pickiness. I strongly suggest finding products you will feel best fit your lifestyle and then go from there. You'll never know if something is amazing or just doesn't work for you until you actually use it in your life. There are many items I personally loved/still love for our kids, that some people don't like. Just keep that in mind when registering, so you don't get too stressed out! :) \\

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