Must Haves For Expecting Parents

Must Haves For Expecting Parents

Hi, friends! I wanted to create an updated post with my personal favorites for new parents during that first year of life! This post can work for you if this is your first baby, second, or third, and so on, doesn't really matter. This is baby #3 for us :)

Carseats -

Uppababy Mesa infant car seat - We love this car seat. It worked for Kai up until his first birthday, and he's always been a big boy! It's really convenient if you have an Uppababy stroller. We have the Vista and loved having the ability to click the carseat right in.

For convertible car seats when your little one is ready to be transitioned, I can't say enough about our Nuna Rava carseats. The absolute best we have ever tried! Extra leg support has saved Madelyn with her longer legs. The seat itself is extremely sturdy and crazy easy to install within seconds. This has made it super easy when transferring seats to other vehicles. Built in cupholders that fold down and easy to clean material. The seats themselves are super comfortable while being very safe!

Stollers -

Our current stroller system that we have and really love is the Uppababy Vista, which works great with our Mesa car seat. We also have the rumble seats that Maddy and Kai loved riding in together, so it easily converts to a double stroller if you need it.

My favorite stroller we ever had was the Stokke Xplory. It was SO easy to maneuver out in public places, shopping etc. You'll just need a car seat adapter for your car seat, but most strollers require adapters anyways! Unfortunately, we donated ours a long time ago before we moved to Florida from SC. Such great stroller option though and wish we still had it around this time for baby #3!

Clothing, Blankets, Swaddles -

For those first weeks, and even months, cozy onesies and sleepers are your best friend. I remember buying all the cute outfits for Madelyn in newborn and 0-3 month sizes and she literally never wore one ha ha! Unless you want a few for photos, the only clothing your tiny babe will need is something simple, comfortable, soft, and easy access for diaper changes.

I recently started picking up things for baby boy, and ordered this zipper footie from Kickee Pants, omg the softest ever! You'll also love having a zipper instead of buttons when they are so young and need diaper changes more frequently!

Copper Pearl is another amazing brand for little ones. I am obsessed with the quality of their swaddles, burp cloths and quilts. Insanely soft and feel like they will stretch perfectly to create the perfect snug swaddle.

The Ollie Swaddle is hands down totally necessary for keeping your newborn nice and tight, we loved ours so much I had one for both babes and I'm getting another one for the new baby!

Diaper Bags - 

My two favorite diaper bags are my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack, and my Fawn Design backpack. Both of these are great options, it just depends on your style, budget, and specific needs. I used my PPB diaper bag until the kids were toddlers and then I was introduced to Fawn Design and have used that one ever since for just running around, weekender bag, overnight bag, really anything and everything because the design doesn't scream *diaper bag*.

Currently have my eye on this leopard print one from TwelveLittle. The leopard print is what drew me in, but I saw the functionality of the backpack and tote version. It looks like a fantastic option!

Feeding -

I loved using the Comotomo bottles. Bonus points for being really easy to wash and sanitize without all the extra parts!

Another great item for feeding is the Baby Brezza formula dispenser. If you are using formula this will SAVE YOUR LIFE. I went ahead and bit the bullet on this, and it was a game changer. Kai was a hungry boy, so I stopped nursing around six months with him. I was loosing too much weight trying to keep up with him, so we switched to formula and I had a friend recommend this machine. WOW. All I'm saying is yes, you need this.

You won't need a high chair right away. It will be quite a while before your babe starts solids. However, if you are interested in adding this item to your registry, we loved our Boon Flair. The only downside is that it's base is quite large and a bit heavy, but it's super easy to move around and crazy easy to clean!

Another great suggestion is the 4moms highchair. I've read amazing reviews on this one!

Sleep -

Before you transition your babe into their crib, you'll need a bassinet, and we enjoyed the Halo. The only small downside to this bassinet that we found was the base. It was quite heavy to move. You'll need to find a place and keep it there. Other than that, we enjoyed it a lot . This is the only one I've ever used and can speak about from experience.

Kai had the Mamaroo, both kids also LOVED this Fisher Price swing! It's huge and ugly but worked amazing so we didn't really care much about aesthetics at that point. Save your sanity, mama.

We LOVED. our Ollie Swaddle with both kids. Then, transitioned into the sleep sack. Highly recommend Copper Pearl swaddles. They are crazy soft, like butter and stretch nicely to swaddle snug.

Bathtime -

Hooded towels, soft wash cloths, gentle body wash, and bath tub is what you'll need.

Nursing -

If you are breastfeeding, a good nursing bra is necessary. This one from Motherhood Maternity is great, and there are other styles available too.

Staying hydrated is key, so a Yeti tumbler or something similar is great to keep a big thing of water around for you to drink. I also loved Oat mama lactation cookies for a healthy snack that would boost my supply when I'm nursing.

For a breast pump, I used this one from Medela. It was really easy to use for when I needed to pump and save, needed a bottle, etc.

Try this 5-in-1 Multi Use Cover for a nursing, carseat, shopping cart, high chair cover!

Play - 

Newborns won't need toys, but in the next few months you'll want to introduce as many colorful, and stimulating toys for development as you can. From a play gym, to a colorful play mat, rattle, mirror, soft mat for your babe to practice tummy time and rolling. My kids specifically loved their water mat for tummy time!  Linking our favorites below!


Changing padDiaper pail, White noise machine, MonitorBottle drying rack, Pack and play, Humidifier.


  1. Amazing read!!! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. Registering has been so overwhelming. Very helpful. :)

  2. Thank you for this!! First time mom here! It’s perfect timing because I’m going to register this weekend. I know I can always trust all of your recommendations. Xoxo

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