[[ Chris is obsessed with his Bose headphones. He wears them literally every single day when he comes home from work. The battery also lasts a nice long time before having to re charge. If the man in your life enjoys/appreciates music this is a wonderful gift that will last many years to come. ]]

[[ I bought Chris a mug for his coffee last year and he still to this day uses the same mug every morning, even on weekends when he is home from work. I thought I would get him this Yeti mug this year! ]] 

[[ Chris better not be reading this because he won't be surprised on Christmas when he opens his gifts LOL, but I am also getting him this zip down Patagonia. He LOVES the pullover style that I bought him, but he's said he would really enjoy one that zips down for work. It keeps him nice and warm, and is really easy to layer with heavier coats/jackets! ]] 

[[ **I'm always asked about this when I video bar cart on IG stories** This is the decanter we have on our bar cart, I thought it would make a great inexpensive gift! ]]

[[ My dad travels a lot for work, and is just like me.. we like to be comfortable at all times LOL Totally getting him this Travel in comfort set from Herschel, as well as this travel bag! My dad also looks cute as hell in a scarf, he's totally getting this Tartan wool one from Barbour. ]]

[[ My brother, Dallas is 2 years younger than me and I'm probably going to get him these tech gloves from North Face as part of his gift this year! ]]