Gift Guide for the Beauty Queen

Gift Guide for the Beauty Queen

If you're shopping for a beauty queen, chances are she has A LOT of beauty already. I totally understand that it would be overwhelming, but hey! You already know she loves all things beauty, so you've got a great start! I've compiled a list of the best beauty gifts for this year that I know she will love - from the best hair dryer and my personal favorite curling wand set that I use myself, my absolute favorite silk pillowcase, and my glam storage box that I store all of my makeup in.. I've got you covered!

[[ I'm dying for this Simplehuman countertop makeup mirror. I use one similar everyday to apply my makeup, but I really want something with a light! ]]

[[ This Sara Happ lip slip luxe balm is incredible. I raved about it on IG stories and saw many of you share that it was indeed a great gift idea. Moisturizing, long lasting, smells great without being overpowering, and looks like a gloss on your lips without being sticky ]]

[[ Every beauty queen needs a Glambox to store her collection. I LOVE mine and have had for 3, almost 4 years now. Also available in a petite size, and a board style to fit across your sink if limited on space! ]]

[[ This Dyson hairdryer is on my wish list as well. My friend and hairstylist, Jenn, has this and it's worth every penny. Her words, and my witness :) ]]

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