Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts! You don't even know how exciting it is to be creating holiday content early this year. My goal is to inspire all of you with plenty of time so that none of you feel rushed and we can all enjoy this holiday season a little more this year! I find stocking stuffers to be much easier to purchase and tuck away now, waiting to purchase the bigger items in the coming weeks. I'm already purchasing fun little gifts here and there for the kids stockings, so don't worry I'll have a kids guide up next.

First, I have to share that I ordered these faux fur stockings for our home. I can't freaking wait! They should be here this week! We have always had mismatched stockings, which are lovely and will be used in our forever home in our future family room fireplace.. but for now we are in a small home without a fireplace so I wanted them to match and work well with the other decor. It all begins to look too cluttered in here if I'm doing too many things LOL

Okay, onto the guide now! I always feel like the small gifts that we all need to buy, but don't want to buy for ourselves are fun for stockings. I use my L'occitane hand cream all winter long, and really loved this gift set when I saw it online. Looks like the perfect gift!

My cozy butter socks 3 for $25 are another fantastic gift. I wear mine all of the time ( actually wearing them as I type this HA ) and they have held up really well! These leopard slippers are also a fun option!

I wear my pave stud earrings almost daily, they add the perfect touch and make my eyes sparkle! Not sure if this sounds crazy but I seriously feel prettier when I wear them.

It Cosmetics superhero mascara is also the perfect stocking stuffer. Throw it in, trust me! There is a reason its the only mascara I have sworn by for years now.

The Slip silk pillowcase is also a favorite of mine. I found that it truly does benefit my skin and hair, and feels super luxurious to sleep on too!

When sweater weather is in full effect, there is nothing better than a handy tool to keep them in great shape! Toss this portable fabric shaver in their stocking this year!

I'm going to link everything above in the widget below including more fun finds! Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas my friends!


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  1. Very cool gift ideas here, I have to say! I like creating some interesting handmade gifts like the lapel pins from https://www.pinsource.com/ for example. I think you will find it interesting to you too, good luck with it :)


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