Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

My kids have never been the children that play with a bunch of small toys. Rather, it all ends up on the floor.. all over the house! I've stuck to larger items the past year and keeping with that this year. It helps them stay occupied and the house less of a mess. Winning!

For example, my kids have always loved their play kitchen. I also found this really pretty option for a great price - comes in a variety of colors! 

Madelyn's play vanity is one of her favorite things. Currently on sale! 

Madelyn and Kai will be getting these Fire Tablets this year. One of each, so no fighting! Under $100 and has amazing reviews! 

If your child loves a track and trains, Kai has really enjoyed this master track I bought him last year. Great value for the price. 

I always feel that a cozy and festive pajama set to wear for the holidays is a fun gift that they can look forward to each year. 

Hunter boots and a cozy pair of UGG boots are also a great option. Something useful always makes me happy when it comes to gifts.

I'm always asked about the kids play table, which I think is a fantastic gift option. Would look beautiful set up beside the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with a little tea set, or play food set on top! We use ours for meals, playtime, and crafts. 

Another piece that I'm often asked about is Madelyn's dollhouse. I found it at Home Goods a few years back, but it's not open and functional. The door on it gets in the way and doesn't stay open for her, as well as not having any windows so it's kind of dark inside if that makes sense! Considering purchasing this gorgeous dollhouse for her this year and donating her old one of course! I love how this dollhouse is open and has the windows! 

Elf on the shelf is widely talked about during the holiday season, and I know some parents find it annoying.. but we love it! It's such a fun tradition to make the holidays more special. Doesn't take much effort on my part as a parent, and to see the kids light up every morning is SO worth it. You can have a lot of fun with it too! We like to hang him upside down, and create funny scenes for the kids to giggle about! 

Both of my kiddos love their micro scooters! Fantastic gift option that they can get outside and wear some of that energy off LOL :) 

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