Messy Waves with a Fishtail Braid

Messy Waves with a Fishtail Braid

Hey, girls! Today, my friend Jenn is taking over the blog to share a fun hairstyle she did for me. I think this would look so cute on any hair length, and I was really happy to have found another style that works for my new short hair. Hope you enjoy!

Easy and simple hairstyles are my absolute favorite and this is one of them for sure! 

For Taylors hair today, it was air dried so I just worked with the natural partings that were going on and curled her loosely with the t3 wand

I let the curls set until they cooled and ran my fingers through to loosen them into more of a soft curl/wave. 

To prepare for the braid I sprayed a healthy serving of shampure dry shampoo from Aveda to give a little extra volume and texture for the braid to hold onto (optional: you can section out the hair around the face if you like any little face framing hairs). 

Next, you will take a small section (just behind the face framing hair if you did that) on the side you want your braid and start your fishtail braid and fluff the braid as you go, for fullness. Lastly we pinned it with a couple of bobby pins to hold the braid in place and then - set the whole style with Davines medium hold hairspray.

**we did a fishtail for this, but if you’re unsure of how to do that you can use a regular 3 strand braid instead. 


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