Casual Go To Outfit This Fall

Casual Go To Outfit This Fall

I love having a few outfits that I know work for me in times when I need to get dressed and just go. I've shared a few of those on my Instagram stories, but today I wanted to share here on the blog one that I feel put together, confident, comfortable and can be worn from day to night. This jacket is super lightweight so it's perfect for this in-between weather when it's only cool in the morning and evenings. You can see it styled again in this blog post here. I wear it with everything from dresses to athleisure.

Next, it's a cute pair of shoes that are equally as comfy to really complete everything without having to do too much. I always feel like I don't need many accessories or jewelry when I wear cute heels. Not sure why LOL

Maybe It's because I have this irrational fear of looking way too done up that it ends up looking like a hot ass mess? Or is it rational...? I don't know.. now I'm rambling about my weird fashion fears. Fantastic.

Anyways, do you have any cute go-to outfits? I asked this question on Instagram and had a lot of people tell me pajamas. While I'm all for PJ's (my nickname Chris gave me is Pajama, so your girl knows a thing or two) I was really looking for outfit ideas that you LEAVE the house wearing... unless you go into the world wearing PJ's. In that case, I won't judge. Promise :)


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