All Black

All Black

This is the lobby of Brasstown Valley, where we stayed over the weekend. I wrote about this wood burning fireplace in my last post, ahhhh I can seriously smell it now. I LOVE that smell this time of year. Makes me want to run to the store and get supplies for smore's tonight now that its cold enough. I'm a cold weather fan, while Chris is NOT. He was freezing last night while grilling dinner.. bless his heart :)

I pretty much wore this basic, long sleeve layering tee the entire weekend. With my vests, under my sweatshirt, and with my denim jacket. I have a top for each season that works with pretty much everything I wear, and I usually wear them to death. That's why I just ordered another one of these for back-up, and it doesn't hurt that it's a great price point for $49. This top is super thin, while staying opaque, which is really nice!

Okay, so faux fur vests used to be my thing. When I lived in Florida while going to school, I would wear a fur vest with every outfit... IN FLORIDA. Dresses, skirts, shorts... I'd throw a vest on it. LOL - kind of going back to my "roots" here with this season. Well, it's been kind of easy as I haven't found cute vests in a while, so I was super excited to have seen this one go online after being sold out SO fast last year!

Anyways, I've got a lot of cleaning and organizing to do today. I've been a bad housewife and have put a lot of tedious tasks off.. making it worse in the long run. One day I will realize that I just have to suck it up and get it done so that I'm not overwhelmed later. I pray I'm not the only one that does that....


Love Token faux fur vest \\ Layering tee \\ Denim \\ Gucci belt \\ Boots \\ Earrings

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  1. What about some basic tees and stuff? I like wearing those from https://www.gotapparel.com/p-480-gildan-heavy-short-sleeve-t.aspx for example. It is also cool that you can make some nice Christmas prints on those. What do you think?


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