Brown Spice

Brown Spice

I'm pretty sure that little black dot on my shoulder is a bug, which means that little bug was there the whole time Chris was taking these for me... which means THERE WAS A BUG ON ME. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am the crazy lady that runs around the yard wailing like a freak when a bug is on, around, or near me. I've always been that way, and I don't foresee a change LOL.

I love the start of Fall more than anything. Well, I do love me some Christmas and if you've been here for a while you know I am a Christmas fanatic.. but there is something SO magical about Fall. It's so nostalgic. Especially living  back home in Georgia again where I grew up! I can't freaking wait to bring the kids to the mountains, the pumpkin patches and apple picking. We LOVE being outside, and Georgia is absolutely breathtaking in the Fall when the leaves change and the air gets crisp. We have the perfect weather here, but maybe I'm bias ;)

Anyways, I'm totally crushing on this orange/rust color for the new season. I've ordered a lot of this color and also some pretty mustard colored pieces. This particular sweater is super soft and cozy. I love that it's lightweight, so it's perfect for Fall layering! Wear it with dresses, or jeans and a tee or tank like I did here.

This sweater is only $69, and comes in 5 different colors! I have the brown spice, but it looks more orange in these photos from the warm tone edit! I actually love the description color... brown spice.. I'm going to use that for something!

Cardigan \\ Silk tank, similar for less here \\ Denim \\ Leopard boots \\ Chloe bag

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