Menswear Inspired Blazer And Cut Offs

Menswear Inspired Blazer And Cut Offs

I'm sitting here, watching the laundry dry. LOL. You know, the stuff you can't dry in the dryer because it will die a slow death? Yeah, that laundry. I'm bothered by its existence, but we'll get through it. How have you been? I've felt like shit on a stick the past week, and I still haven't shaken the feeling. I'm told that Mercury is in Retrograde. Capitalizing those words just incase. Can't piss Mercury off anymore, you know.. because MY LIFE FEELS BIZARRE right now.

I felt amazing, and finally normal for a good month, and now here I sit. Bewildered by my disaster of a home. Truly, I'm alright.. but it does feel good to talk about it. Not all the time though, like in the beginning I'd rather be left alone but the way I know I'm almost out of the dark woods is the fact that I want to talk about my feelings. It's intriguing, really. I've always been intrigued by human emotions. Chris is quite the opposite. He much prefers to not talk a bout it. Men.

Anyways, I wanted to write this for myself obviously, and for any of you who are going through a weird patch. It's normal, it's life. Keep your chin up, kitten. I've decided I'm going to order the items I want for Fall, finish reading my current book, Crazy Rich Asians, and relax for the rest of the week. I'm not stressing about Instagram pictures, or the fact that I am non existent on my blog right now, and the fact that I'm dying beneath the laundry and mess of life.


Anine Bing blazer \\ Perfect tank \\ Vintage denim shorts \\ Aquazzura flats \\ Chloe handbag \\ Celine sunglasses \\ Monica Vinader necklace, and Vanessa Mooney necklace

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  1. Man look best when dressed in suit. I prefer wearing custom made blazer instead of wearing complete suit.


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