Back To School

Back To School

Ah... my favorite time of the year is here! Besides the fact that my BABIES are growing up, I LOVE back to school. Ever since I was a little girl, back to school shopping was my absolute favorite. From the notebooks to the pens, and of course the best part.. CLOTHES. ha ha! Now, I get to experience it all over again, but with my children and I'm obsessed.

First, I have to share that my kids style is more relaxed. I really love the look of a dressed up child, but you can be well dressed while staying comfortable and hello, real life! Madelyn and Kai like to be comfortable, and I like for them to look cute. What mom doesn't?

Today I am sharing a cute back to school look in partnership with one of my favorite shopping destinations, Bloomingdales. It was a one stop shop from shoes, to clothes and even backpacks. I shared a little bit about Maddy's backpack on my Instagram not long ago, and I'm just really impressed with the brand. STATE donates a stocked backpack to a child in need for every purchase. This size is also perfect for pre-school and even elementary age children.

Kai loves these Adidas sneakers, and bonus points for being super easy on and off + really cute! For Madelyn, I couldn't pass up these pink converse. They look great with every outfit so we don't have to worry about multiple shoes to match each outfit.

This camo sweatshirt from Sovereign Code Kids is super soft, and the matching shorts are perfect for right now when its still warm, but cool in the mornings as well as inside the school.

You can check out Bloomingdales back to school lookbook here, and all things for kids here!

Seersucker Heart Print Dress \\ STATE mini metallic backpack \\ Pink Converse

Camo Print sweatshirt \\ Shorts \\ Adidas sneakers


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