Weekend Style

Weekend Style

Spending the weekend at the lake, and I wanted to quickly share yesterdays outfit details! We went to dinner last night, and I of course brought my trusty blue and white scarf. I'm telling you there is nothing like it when you go out to eat. I HATE being cold in restaurants, or worrying if I'm flashing someone as I bend over to pick up the spoon kai threw.. HA HA. Bonus points for matching with every outfit this summer!

I've had these jeans since last summer and never wore them because I felt a little self conscious, and now that I'm finally feeling better... I'm going to wear them all. the. time. 

So many of you reached out saying they were surprised that a wide leg would make your legs look longer, and I've got to say I think some of that is contributed to the super cute high waist. I first saw these on Song of Style, and I knew if someone cute and petite could rock them, then I needed to try! 

These shoes are also the highlight of my life right now. I got them for my birthday last month and I was shocked how comfortable and easy they are to wear. You all know I'm a flats gal through and through, so even a slight block heel was a commitment for me. To my absolute delight, they ended up being so perfect and easy so that makes me HAPPY :) 

Anyways, I'm going to enjoy the weekend here with my friends and family. My cell service is on the rocks out here though, so if I'm not sharing as much on my Instagram thats why! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 


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