Weekend in Miami for Swim Week

Weekend in Miami for Swim Week

 Our first night in Miami was a busy one! My brother and I flew in, checked in, got dressed, stuffed our faces with a quick burger and then we were off to our first show. SO happy we stayed literally right across the street with just a minute walking distance to all of the shows! It made for a great experience with zero stress, and we were able to walk everywhere we wanted. 

After the show, we met up with friends at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar for dinner and then walked around all night viewing the walls and new installations. I actually had the best time seeing Wynwood at night, and highly recommend opposed to daytime. It was less crowded, not super bright and hot, and just such a fun ambiance. We ended our night at a secret little bar in the back of a taco restaurant LOL and then your girl went back to the hotel for some snacks and sleep!

Where we stayed

I had a ton of questions regarding our hotel and if we enjoyed our stay at The Plymouth. It was such a quick trip, and we were really busy the entire time, but still managed to enjoy every minute of our time at the Plymouth! I booked this place because of the price compared to nearby hotels, location, and obviously the aesthetic. It's smaller, and feels more like a neighborhood (if that makes sense!). Which was a huge bonus for me, because I often find myself feeling overwhelmed or out of place when we stay at huge resorts. Don't get me wrong, your girl loves to be fancy every once in a while, and I can be boujee if need be, but something about the Plymouth really made me feel at home and not once did I say "GET ME HOME ALREADY". LOL.

Anyways, I loved the design of the hotel. From the pool area, to the rooms it was all really cute and aesthetically pleasing. Another bonus? Even during swim week with parties, shows, and events happening everywhere and even at the hotel in full capacity where Sports Illustrated, Aerie and more were hosted, it was still quiet!! We met some really awesome people here, and even a life long friend. I'm so happy I went with my brother, because he totally pushed me out of my comfort zone. The real Tay Tay would have been in bed ; )

Runway Shows 

I had the opportunity to see some really great runway shows this year at Miami Swim Week. Monday Swimwear, Luli Fama, KYA Swim, Stone Fox Swim, and Sinesia Karol. Although I may be the worst blogger ever, and that may be due to the fact that I have zero experience covering runway shows.. I don't have a lot of photo coverage to share here but I can attest to the fact that these brands put on an amazing show and I had a blast enjoying the moment instead of missing it with my phone glued to my face! Huge thank you to all of the amazing brands!

You can shop all of my looks from Miami in the widget below! 

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