Planting Limelight Hydrangeas, and Why They Are My Favorite

Planting Limelight Hydrangeas, and Why They Are My Favorite

Yesterday was an extremely productive day! On another level of production that I could never be mad at. 3 pm hit and I saw the shade was beginning to cast down on this side of the border leading into the barn area, and I knew it was the perfect chance to finally plant this Limelight Hydrangea! Digging in general is no easy task, but digging into Georgia red clay and rock, AND in the sun.. woah. I won't do that again LOL Needless to say, I watch for shade times and plan accordingly now ;)

I'm often asked my tips and tricks for planting and flower success. I'd say all of the knowledge I have acquired thus far, and through trial and error in such a short period of time has taught me that soil quality is most important. I purchase good soil, and add into the hole when backfilling. Lots and lots of Black Kow manure, and if planting hydrangeas I also add Hollytone into the hole, as well as on top when finishing.

I talked a bit about Limelight hydrangeas in my Garden Tour post here. They are my favorite hydrangea, and the easiest to acclimate. Bonus points for being an incredible cut flower! Here in the south, mine do best in part shade, although in other areas and zones, they can certainly thrive in full sun. 

I've got to run now, but I'll be stopping by Lowes or Home Depot later on today to pick up a few more of these beauties! I'm going to line this entire walkway with them! In the process, I'll be transplanting my Blazing Stars to the butterfly garden in the front of the house. I'm so excited!

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