My Best Purchases of April

My Best Purchases of April

A little late to this post, but better late than never am I right? I wanted to start these posts where I can share my best purchases of every month. There are so many finds that I share over on my Instagram stories that expire after 24 hours. I'd love to share here so you all can come back and have a place for reference! 

1. I'll start with this Petersyn blouse! It's a unique style that I don't see too often. Which makes me really  happy, because I feel everyone is starting to look the same. I love being able to stand out a little bit, but the print is a subtle floral, and I've never owned a yellow top before. I think it's sweet and feminine and pairs well with white or regular wash denim.

2. White Tea & Sage hand wash from Bath and Body Works. You just have to try this once to be hooked. The scent lasts for a while after washing and is my absolute favorite. Maddy washed her hands the other day, and came back outside to play. I was literally walking around the yard looking for flowers because the scent was SO good and fresh!! Little did I know it was just my clean, little Pa! :)

3. Carrie Forbes sandals - The color has been the perfect match for every outfit I've put on since purchasing these adorable sandals. The quality and comfort are also an amazing bonus. (It can be challenging to find woven shoes that don't hurt!) The real reason I'm obsessed? The card inside my shoe box that shared all about where Carrie Forbes shoes are made and how the brand is helping so many people. Each design is made in Morocco by female artisans, which means they can earn a wonderful living. That's a feel good, look good purchase right there, my friends!

4. Bobbi Brown Crushed lip stick in the color Sazan Nude. I knew I needed this as soon as I saw Sazan share her exciting collaboration news! I'm always such a fan when fellow bloggers land awesome brand collabs! I went right to Nordstrom here in Atlanta, and picked this up. The color is totally different than my other 200 nude lips I have in my drawer... I promise. ha ha! I've been wearing it in all of my recent photos, and I love that it feels moisturizing on my lips, has great coverage and the color is very pigmented. I'm obsessed!

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - This was one of my Sephora purchases, and I'm so happy to report that it's my favorite of the bunch! I've been setting my under eye, and really my whole face with this palette! It gives the most incredible, lit from within glow while keeping my makeup set until I take it off. Pricey, but you'll be in love after the first try. Thats if you live for glowing makeup like I do!

6. Last but certainly not least, I've got to take a second and tell you about these white jeans. I've been on the hunt for the past 2 years. Yes, you read that right. TWO YEARS. Why is it so hard to find a good pair of white jeans? I prefer my denim to be high waisted. I like the way it pulls my stomach in, and the high waist is flattering with all tops and blouses. So, I needed a pair of white jeans that are high waisted, not sheer, stretchy enough to bend down but not stretch out and give me a saggy butt, and not too long but also not too short because I don't want super crops. Then, I found these from J Brand and I'm so happy with them!! I find them to be a bit too slimming for my thin frame at times, but that could also be me being too hard on myself!

Wearing - Petersyn blouse, JBrand jeans (I sized down 1 size!), Carrie Forbes sandals, Clare Vivier handbag

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