How To Get Perfectly Soft Curls

How To Get Perfectly Soft Curls

Thank you to Conair for sponsoring todays post!

In today's post I want to share with you how I get perfectly soft curls that I frequently wear, and a fun gift idea for Mother's Day! Look at that you guys, 2 for 1 post today :)

I can speak from experience when I say, "Moms ain't got time for that". What I mean by this is, moms don't have time to run out for a blowout and style every few days, and we sure as heck don't have time for products or tools that won't work. I'll add that we also like to feel good about ourselves.

My hair is number 1 when it comes to confidence and an instant mood booster when I'm having a great hair day, or if I nailed a style I wanted on the first try. You know those days you just keep at that same curl until you finally give up because it's just not curling the right way??? Me too, girl. 

That's why I partnered with Conair on todays post! I tried their InfinitiPRO 2-in-1 Styler for almost a month now, and I can say that I love being able to curl and straightener my hair without having to switch tools. It saves me so much time, and room in my cabinet! 

My hand might be touching the plates in the first photo, well because I wanted a cute shot afterwards, but this was right after I finished curling my hair with the InfinitiPRO 2-in-1 Styler. I actually learned to curl my hair with a straightener, and my love has been rekindled! I love the soft curl/slight wave it makes. 

Here are the steps I take to achieve these soft, curls. My favorite are second and third day curls that turn into beautiful waves!

1. Section hair into three sections, starting with the bottom row closest to your neck, lightly pull through and away from your face. I like to take big sections on the bottom row to have bigger, more loose curls for this layer.

2. Curl your second layer, keeping a very small portion of hair clipped up top to curl last. I curl away from my face on this layer too! Also alternate between curling a bigger section and smaller so the curls aren't all one size.

3. Curl the last few pieces on top. These should be your shorter layers so you can curl up closer to your root and it gives a soft, dimensional look. My stylist taught me to alternate curling away from my face, and a few into my face on this last layer!

Tip: If your ends are curled too much, you can quickly straighten them!

4. Lightly spray with a flexible hold hair spray, and let hair cool a few seconds.

5. Brush through your curls using your fingers and gently shake to create waves. If your curls are too tight, you can also use a brush to brush them out if your fingers aren't doing the trick!

6. Go to Target and pick up a Conair InfinitiPRO 2-in-1 Styler! Or, order online here for $49!

This would make a great mother's Day gift if your loved one enjoys beauty tools!

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