I've wanted to sit down and write this post for a while now, so here I am.. finally doing it :)

If you are a regular around here, you know my extreme aversion to the color orange. It all started with Chris allowing me to leave the house with a foundation shade that made me resemble a cheeto. To which he responded "I thought you were trying something new". Okay Chris, sure. Anyways, I LOVE being tan. I have always felt my best with a little color on my skin, and I used to religiously lay out in the sun.

I still love me some sunshine and getting a "real" tan with that Vitamin D, but too much is never a good thing, and what else is a girl to do in the winter?!

I was introduced to Bondi Sands via an ad on Instagram one day and decided to order. First, let me say this is not sponsored, and Bondi Sands has never reached out to me to gift product or sponsor a post. This is just the product I have found to work for me after trying so many.

Anyways, I ended up loving the Liquid Gold formula. This is non-transferring, which means you can put your clothes on and go after letting your skin dry a few minutes. The only downside to this particular product is that the tan won't develop immediately. So, if seeing the color as you apply is a deal breaker for you, I would suggest the tanning foam. You can see where the color goes on as you apply!

Liquid Gold creates such a real "tan" color, and I love that I never end up looking orange. (Except if I go too hard on those IG filters ;) Plus, it has never once rubbed off on my clothing, sheets, or furniture so thats a huge plus for me!

How I apply and keep my tan looking good -

First, I start by removing all leftover tan, and even if I don't have any on my skin at the time, I always start by exfoliating really really good. Like, really good y'all. You've got to make your skin super soft if you want a natural, even tan. I use St Tropez Tan Enhancing Polish.

After exfoliating, shave. I do it in this order, because I will break out a little if I do it the opposite way around!

Next, you'l want to moisturize like it's going out of style honey. All over. Not just your elbows, knees and ankles. I use St Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturizer. This works really well with self tanners to moisturize without making you sticky (because your skin needs to be dry to apply tanner) and the formula does not interfere with your tanners. I notice whenever I used a scented lotion thinking it would counteract the self tanner smell, my tan always ended up streaky and orange. This moisturizer is formulated to work best with self tanners so I purchased and ended up loving it! I apply all over, and apply extra to my feet!

After my skin is super moisturized, and I let that sink in for a bit, I use my tanning mitt to apply the Liquid Gold. (You can use any tanning mitt you want! I have the St Tropez ones!) I start by spraying the product directly onto the mitt instead of my skin, to get a light coverage. Then, I spray the tanner directly onto my skin, farthest away from my hands, feet, knees and elbows. Really anywhere that tanner can build up quickly, I stay far away from those places.

Once I've got everything smoothed out and covered, I use the leftover product on the mitt and lightly swipe my elbows, knees, hands, wrists and feet. Remember, VERY LIGHTLY. Never apply product directly to your skin in those areas, always spray onto mitt first or just use what is leftover on the mitt already! You can always add more, but it's a pain in the ass to fix if you use too much at first.

I never apply tanner to my face. I like my face to be a little lighter than my body, I feel it looks the most natural and flattering. Plus, you can always use bronzer and foundation to match your body more, but a streaky orange face is never cute. I did however, just order the Coola Anti Aging sunless tanner serum to try on my face! Will update when I receive and use for a little bit :)

Making my tan last -

I keep moisturized while I have my self tanner on, and re apply my self tanner once more on the second day after initial tan. I won't tan again until I've exfoliated everything off to start again. I found that more than 2 applications starts to look dirty on me!

Your tan is going to gradually fade anyways, so lightly exfoliating a few times throughout that time will help it look more natural and not patchy.

I hope this post was helpful! Love y'all!


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