Recent Beauty Buys I'm Loving Right Now

Recent Beauty Buys I'm Loving Right Now

While the majority of the products and brands that I use stay the same, I do love to try new things and switch up my routine. Read on for the products I've recently discovered and fallen in love with.

1. Most recently, I've added Coola Sunless Tan Anti Aging Serum. This has been a huge game changer for me! I've been hesitant to buy tanner on my face for the longest time, and it's incredible the difference it makes. No breakouts yet (I've been using a little over a week now!) and I LOVE the glow and subtle color it gives my skin. Which makes it really easy to go without foundation now that Spring is here and summer is approaching, I love letting my skin breathe and going for a more natural makeup look.

2. Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari baby facial. Don't you love a product that gives you instant results? As soon as I wiped away this mask, my skin was incredibly soft, smooth, bright and even. This mask will for sure be in my routine from now on, and I loved the product so much that I wanted to try another item from the Drunk Elephant line. I ended up ordering the C Firma Day Serum while the Sephora sale is still happening, and I'm so excited to try!

3. NeuLash. Before purchasing, I was always envious of those with big, full lashes. I wanted that look so bad, especially because there's nothing like having long lashes! I tried false lashes a few times and while they looked decent in photos, I always felt crazy in public and they were never comfortable to wear. Now that I've been consistently using Neulash for 2 weeks, I'm so happy with my purchase and will definitely order over and over. My lashes are SO long already!

4. Since adding La Mer Renewal Oil and the moisturizing cream into my skincare routine, my skin has honestly never looked better. I've always used the La Mer moisturizing soft cream, but I had yet to try the original. I will say that after trying both, I prefer the original for my skin! The change in my skin could very well be a attributed to a combination of less stress, more happiness, drinking more water and wearing less makeup, BUT I truly feel these products have changed my skin for the better. My tone, texture, and clarity has increased while having the loveliest glow.

5. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. My lips are ALWAYS dry! No matter how much balm, and chapstick I put on throughout the day and before bed, I typically wake up with dry, patchy lips. Well, that was until recently when I ordered this lip sleeping mask! It wasn't much of a splurge and I knew there was a 50/50 chance it would work or not and then I would move on. Except, It worked! I wear this even during the day and I highly recommend! 

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  1. Hi, your Neulash link is going to an Ugg Nordstrom page :)


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