Potting Gardenia In the Garden

Potting Gardenia In the Garden

Over the weekend, we made two different trips over to Lowe's. See, I did get lucky! (referencing
 my IG stories) I told you guys I was going to take up gardening as a hobby, and honestly I had no idea if I was going to follow through. Everyone tries many things in their life and you have no idea if the first day you tried it would be the last, or if you would continue. Blogging was a hobby that really stuck with me and fortunately has become my job! Hey, who wants to hire a gardener??? LOL, kidding. 

I really do enjoy it. I've stopped scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, and I've stopped comparing myself to others. I've found such joy and gratitude living here. I'm grateful for beautiful weather because that means I get to spend the day outside with my kids. We play hard, and they help water the plants, and are learning about gardening fresh food! My children are knowledgable in nature, and have learned SO much living here. This place truly is a blessing for us, and I can't stop saying "Thank You". 

I'm sure some of you may have noticed, or maybe not, that for a point there in my most recent season of life living in Florida, I was not as happy. Except thats life. It happens. It's okay. You are allowed to feel and experience different emotions and things in life. I'm definitely a big believer in if you are not happy and flourishing, move or change something. Words have power and you CAN speak positive thoughts and ideas into existence. I am living proof of that my friends. 

Here I am rambling again, so I'll save you the novel! We spent Saturday in the sun, out in the yard, working on different tasks. Our first trip to Lowe's included as many bags of mulch we could fit into the trunk (Chris really needs a truck now!) along with two kiddos, Chic Fil A lunch, and of course I snuck a few extra plants too! Gardenia to pot in these adorable blue pots, and a big ass pink hydrangea. These blue pots from Lowe's are freaking adorable, I love the style. Especially the color. It's the perfect blue, and I lOVE a pot with an attached vase!!

My mom told me to plant Gardenia, so I was on a mission to find it. The scent, you guys!! It's perfect for entryways and patios where the scent can be enjoyed, and works well in containers. Gardenia is paired well with Camellia, which we have in the big wood planters flanking the barn. 

PS: How cute are these floral gardening gloves and tool set? I ordered for the looks, and was pleasantly surprised to see they are functional too! 

I realized at the end of the day, that this chambray mini dress was the best thing I could have put on. The fabric wasn't stained from potting and working in the yard, and still looked new. It has pockets. The good kind. You know, where your phone doesn't fall out and when you have items inside they don't make you look goofy and awkward. The criss cross back is the icing on the cake. It's pretty hard to find clothing with a criss cross back that actually works and stay in place. A 10/10 for this purchase. 

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