I Can't Believe It's Already March: Life Lately

I Can't Believe It's Already March: Life Lately

This past weekend was the last of the amazing weather we experienced. We went from sundresses to sweatshirts again, and I feel like it happened overnight! Almost all of the beautiful, white blooms on the Bradford Pear trees lining the driveway have fallen off and are now pretty much entirely green. Still fluffy and full nonetheless. Which is always a nice sight to see after the winter months when everything is bare and lifeless! 

Can you tell I love nature? I grew up spending most of my life outdoors with my brother, and now I get to do the same with my kids. Our house has a garden in the backyard with planter boxes that I am SO ready to get growing. The other day I stopped over at Home Depot to browse and plan things out. I've decided gardening and plants will be my new hobby. A healthy and productive hobby that gives me joy is something that I really need. I struggle A LOT with anxiety, and my job is highly dependent on being present on social media, which is extremely overwhelming sometimes. This will be perfect to de-stress and get my mind on something more "normal". 

I also hung the outdoor string lights around the barn and I cannot freaking wait to get the backyard all spruced up for spring and summer. I'm going to be sharing before and after photos, along with some gardening posts and outdoor fun posts here so stay tuned with that! We've got to get through the rest of these chilly days first... and paint that damn fence white again. LOL. It kills me the previous people let it go like that. I find this home to be such a treasure and I constantly want to be doing something to fix it up and make it happy. 

The kids are wonderful! Patiently counting down the days until they both start school together in the new school year. Our newest activity we love doing together is building a fire and the occasional s'more. I have to be honest, I don't give my kids juice, or candy, and they very rarely get sweets.. but I'm a die hard s'mores fan so I have to let them in on the fun! 

You might have noticed I've also tried some new makeup products, and have changed my routine up a bit. I'll share more on that later. Maddy helped me film a quick tutorial in our weekly vlog that I'll be posting. Before I share that with you, I have to tell you how amazing this Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is. I put it on top of my foundation, and it's pretty much like magic. I swear it makes me look younger and my makeup looks the best it has in a long time! 

I'm also pretty excited to be adding more home decor posts here. We've been moving right along with furnishing and decorating, and I'm extremely grateful to be working with one of my favorite destinations for all things home. Joss and Main has some of the cutest pieces for great prices. After purchasing our master bedroom dresser, I was hooked and can't stop ordering! Luckily, I was able to collaborate on a new refresh of our living space, so I'll be sharing that soon :) 

On the flip side, just to share that everything is not always rainbows and butterflies as a blogger.. I was supposed to be working with a brand that I really loved and respected for the launch of their kids home line, and it has been one of the worst experiences that I've had as a blogger yet. Disappointing, but things happen and sometimes there are brands that are only interested in treating the big bloggers well, and the smaller bloggers get the shit end of the stick... as if we are less of a human and not as important. Such a shame! 

Speaking of home decor, I flipped our living and dining room. Where I had the dining room before is now the living area, which makes more sense for us because it's more open to the kitchen and less closed off now, plus it's twice the amount of space. 

Besides all of that, everything is so wonderful and I'm excited for all that is to come. Thank you so much for stopping by to read, and support my blog. It truly means the world to me! 


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