Floral Denim Jacket

Floral Denim Jacket

My gosh, did anyone else have a hectic and busy day yesterday? We finally had the master bedroom painted, Bye Bye purple gray walls! I feel like I was just constantly doing something without a second... Laundry, mopping, cooking, and I'd say almost the entire day was spent outside with the kids. It was chilly, but not windy and really sunny so it was the perfect day. I'll say the one thing I didn't do was clean that damn kitchen.. and it's still a disaster as I type this. It's okay though, I've only got enough time to write this before my kids cheerio bowl runs dry and then I've got mom duties all day... or until someone takes a nap :) 

(Rare photo of the kids playing TOGETHER in ONE jeep) 

If you saw my stories last night, then you saw Madelyn playing "baseball" with Chris, and I was SO proud because she's pretty damn good! Chris got home from work at 5 and immediately took the kids outside so I could have a little time to get myself dressed and together. I bet our painter thought I was a whacko judging by the way my hair and outfit looked all day while he was here. LOL.

I'm so stoked for this time change, and the fact that Chris now has a job where he doesn't get home at 8, so we can spend time together as a family before dinner and bed! I swear this has done wonders for my mental health. It was pretty rough there for a while living in Florida. I keep saying this life is the life I've always waited for and dreamed of.

I literally got an email saying my light fixture shipped in this photo.. HA HA! Thanks again for helping me decide!! I can't freaking wait to get our bedroom finished and for once I feel like I've got my decorating ideas down, and I'm truly choosing things I love instead of trying to copy something I saw on Pinterest. 

For those of you asking, here are the links to the chandeliers I shared on Instagram - 

I'm pretty sure this is in my top 5 favorite outfits I've ever put on. Not once did I  second guess myself and it made me SO happy. I've been living in these jeans since the weekend, and honestly you can't beat them for $88!! 

I actually bought this knit sweater months ago and never wore it bc I couldn't style it in a way that I felt confident... until this jacket arrived at my doorstep last night and all was right in the world. Seriously, Floral AND denim? Come on. DONE & DONE! Yes! 

The floral material is super soft, and I love the cropped style. I can wear this with my athletic outfits, sweatpants, over a sundress... everything. SO excited for this one, and I haven't even told you the best part yet. You can wear all of your dolman sleeve tops and sweaters with it! You know those cute tops that won't fit into your jackets and coats? Now they do! Winning, y'all.

Anyways, are you a fan of this look? I loved feeling cute and comfortable while playing with the kids. Definitely going to be an outfit I keep in mind to throw on and go without having to take the time to plan something out. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by here!! 


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