Band Tee

Band Tee

Not long ago, I mentioned in my Instagram Stories that I was tired of feeling like I had to change how I dressed after becoming a mother. It felt like an unwritten rule to me, that I had to ditch my more bohemian tendencies and go with something more girly, and "appropriate". After having so many of you reach out afterwards to thank me for talking about it, I actually felt better know I was not alone in those feelings. I'll remind you again right here and now, to never change who you are and always do what you love no matter what. Your children will love you regardless, and people are going to judge you no matter what. It's unfortunately human nature, so if they aren't judging you based on your clothing choices, it will be something else. Might as well be happy and do you!

Anyways, It's been a constant struggle for me to stick with one style. I gravitate towards so many things. That might be a hot pink pair of flats, a floral dress, a band tee, ripped denim, or a flouncy skirt. If I'm attracted to it, I'll probably wear it. Remember when I went through my dress phase this past spring/summer? I was super inspired by West Palm Beach and it was ridiculously hot in South Florida. That was me. This is still me.

While I admire bloggers or non/bloggers out there that can stick to one sense of style, it's OK to love many different styles and change things up.

If you are feeling like you want to try something new, GO FOR IT.

Love you guys!!


Rolling Stones tee \\ Theory cardigan (sold out) [ Just ordered this one! ] \\ L'Agence denim (obsessed, can't take them off! Ran big for me) \\ Isabel Marant booties, similar option for less here , also love this option for spring! \\ Rag & Bone hat \\ St. Eve Jewelry hoop earrings

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