My Babies First Snow

My Babies First Snow

Well, I finally got my wish! Chris woke me up early this morning and told me it had really snowed. Half asleep, I rolled over and fell back to sleep. Not long after, it had finally registered what he said, and I leaped out of bed like the inner 6 year old on Christmas morning I am. Ah, you guys! It was SO beautiful. Granted, we didn't get tons of it, but it was fun to see everything covered in a fresh, white blanket! 

We were outside almost all day, in and out of the house as frequently as possible. Too cold, with a frigid wind chill to stay out continuously, so we were in and out of the house just long enough to warm up and head back out. From using the blow dryer to warm the kids little red, frozen hands to making hot soup and snuggling all day... it was the best.

Originally, I had intended to dress up all cute in my faux fur coat and ripped denim, but the lazy hit me and I just wanted my leggings and what would truly keep me warm. #cozygirlforlifey'all 

Much to my surprise, these Frye boots really impressed me today. I obviously bought them for the style, but had no idea they would keep my feet warm, and dry without getting ruined in the snow. Winning. Be sure to size up at least a half size if you need a cute "hiker" style boot!

Anyways, I'm off to cook my famous potatoes and sip some wine. Did you have a snow day today too? Or was it just a regular ole Wednesday?? 


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