Weekend Cable Knit

Weekend Cable Knit

Ahhh! Finally, I have a moment to sit down and write a new post! It has been NUTS this past month. Moving the week before Christmas really stressed me out, but we got through it and I've never been happier. We absolutely adore where we live, and have spent every single day outside since we moved in. The kids have 2 acres of land to run and play, which makes my heart sing! 

If you can tell from these photos, our backyard has the cutest area complete with a barn that was constructed to look rustic and reclaimed. I'm OBSESSED. I've prayed and prayed and prayed for a little farmhouse, and It's just so crazy how this all happened. So easily and quickly. You know that's God when it's too easy. Everything feels so right and peaceful. 

I've had a blast decorating so far, and can't wait to share more home posts here in the coming weeks. I'm actually thinking of going out of my comfort zone a bit and sharing before photos so you guys can see the progress and help me with decisions! Does that sound like something you'd like to see here? Just let me know :) 

Anyways, I've got cleaning to do, and some errands to run! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!! 


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