Gift Guide for the Homebody

Gift Guide for the Homebody

I think this gift guide is going to be the easiest one for me. Chris and I are both the biggest homebodies you will ever meet, and we love it. Neither of us have ever been much for going out, or partying. Staying cozy at home is my thing, and Netflix and chill is our weekend motto.

First things first, soft loungewear. In the winter, I LOVE cozy socks and slippers. A nice blanket, or even this sleeping bag looks like heaven. I would throw that on the couch, climb in, and never leave again. Seriously! ha ha! I just bought these adorable pajamas... I couldn't help myself.

These sets from Sugarfina are so perfect. Come on, don't play with me like you don't enjoy good candy. You can't fool me! Chances are who you are gifting will love some too! It's one of those things that you don't really think to buy yourself, but freaking love getting it as a gift. Sugarfina is my sweet spot that makes me weak in the knees. Ooooh, if you haven't tried something from Sugarfina, you are missing out. Definitely brownie points for the cozy homebody that wants something sweet late at night.... or anytime of the day if you're like me.

I recently discovered bluetooth speakers, like this one from Bose. It's perfect to bring in the kitchen when your cooking, or outside on the porch with the kids, and even just relaxing on the couch. Not everyone has a surround sound system in their house, so this is perfect. My brother even uses his in the bathroom while he showers.

Candles are not just great for the scent, but for ambiance. Nothing better than lighting candles, turning down the lights, and relaxing. This Holiday scent from Nest smells amazing!

If you're a true homebody, this backrest pillow will speak to you on a spiritual level. I think it's also one of those gifts you don't want to purchase for yourself, but would get so much use out of and really enjoy.

Good headphones might not be something you think of, but after watching Chris with his Bose headphones being able to listen to music, or watch videos and movies without disturbing the rest of the house has turned me into a fan. I even got myself a pair!

Last but certainly not least, butter socks + this Barefoot Dreams cardigan = LIFE. I'm so serious when I tell you that every woman you gift either of these to will LOVE you! Your mom, sister, best friend, sister in law, grandmother.. the list goes on. Once you feel this cardigan in person, you will know what I'm talking about. Currently sitting in mine as I type this.

These socks are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift topper, and you can get 3 for $19. So, one for you and two for your friends! Perfect in your winter boots, or instead of slippers at home. I just picked myself up a pair after my friend at Nordstrom told me about them, and I can't believe I lived life without these.


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