Transition Skirt

Transition Skirt

Okay, we have talked quite a bit about Fall style, and right now while it's still that annoying weather, we haven't talked much about how to transition your wardrobe during this time. I actually saw a really funny video on Facebook the other day about Fall in the South, and it's so accurate! We run out and decorate, light our pumpkin or leaves scented candles, drink our PSL's, and dream of wearing those cozy knit sweaters. Time goes by so fast, and that weather will be here before we know it, but let's relax and think about how we can get into that Fall spirit without sweating our asses off. 

Granted, I'm wearing a sweater and over the knee boots for this outfit - but how am I to know where you live? You could have a beautiful morning, hot afternoon, and again a cool and beautiful night. I miss those days! Here, we just have hot year round. ha ha. Anyways, let me get to my point here. SKIRTS. You can easily wear a skirt and give it a Fall vibe without overheating. Try a lighter blouse, but in a pretty autumn hue or dark color and wear it with a skirt and a cute pair of booties. Throw on a tee and vest with your skirt. Denim jacket over a cami, with a skirt and your booties. I mean, once you start mixing and matching, the possibilities are endless! 

This Veronica Beard skirt was exactly what I had imagined in my mind when I was dreaming up the perfect Fall skirt. The length works great for tall boots, or booties. You can easily tuck in a sweater without looking frumpy, and the navy color is such a great base color that can pair with a lot of different options. 

I hope this post sparked a bit of creativity for your fall outfit planning! Love you guys! 

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