The Striped Tee You Need

The Striped Tee You Need

You guys, this striped quarter length sleeve tee is the SOFTEST, most comfortable shirt I've owned. Perfect alone, and great for layering. 

I accidentally wore it all weekend long, and Chris says "You look so cute in your shirt"... I was like, well thanks ha ha ha! I guess he likes me in yellow?

In my quest to get my shit together here, I stumbled upon these photos that I never ended up posting. Seriously, my ass has taken lazy and slack to another level this month. I can't blame it all on me being sick anymore, so I've set out on a hunt for a creative assistant/intern to help me! I see other bloggers posting with their employees, and it all looks like so much fun to be able to have a good time and get shit done. 

For those of you who have followed along since the beginning, or maybe you're new here.. 

What can I do better? (Besides posting more regularly and consistently)

What content is your favorite, and least favorite? 

What would you like to see more of?

Anything new you would like to see?

Youtube videos, PR package unboxing, makeup and hair tutorials, lifestyle posts, Vlogs, YOU let me know! 

Dandelion velvet kimono \\ Striped tee \\ Rag & Bone denim \\ Leather slide sandals \\ Julie Vos necklace \\ Karen Walker sunglasses \\ Earrings

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