I Found My Dream Blouse

I Found My Dream Blouse

As I mentioned before, I'm really trying to veer away from dresses. Instead, I want to build out my wardrobe and have all pieces that are chic and functional. Let me be honest for a second. I LOVE a dress, I do, but it's not practical to wear a dress everyday unless you don't have small children or maybe you go into an office everyday. To each their own. 

So, what I've realized is that I'm always in my closet reaching for a cute top that I can wear with shorts or denim, and end up unhappy because I literally have nothing in that department. Really, nothing. Just a few plaid button downs and random tops that are trendy, but nothing classic like this stunning Elizabeth and James pleated blouse. It's chic, It's classic, It's a touch of boho.. basically It's perfection. Which is why I justified the price tag rather quickly. I've already worn it twice and I just picked it up over the weekend. It's only been 3 days!! That's how I know I've made a great decision. 

I always HATE buying something that I think I really love and then end up staring at it hanging in my closet, doing NOTING for me. lol! 

I'm thinking this blouse, high waist skinny jeans, and cute heels for date night. Or like I did today, and pair it with cut off denim shorts and my Isabel Marant dicker boots for a casual day. You could also tuck into a skirt, or high waist, wide leg trousers... ooh that sounds cute!

Anyways, just thought I would share a great purchase, and a few thoughts. I hope you all are having an amazing week so far. It feels so great to be back on here! 


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