Feelin' Flouncy

Feelin' Flouncy

When shopping in my local Anthro, I always make sure to head over to the section where they keep all of the online orders. This is what I call return heaven. All of the cute pieces that are either online only and not sold in stores, or items that aren't carried in any of my nearby stores. I love it. It's such a unique mix of fun dresses and blouses. 

On this particular occasion I was sans tiny, crazy humans. You know I took my damn time and tried everything on. Funny thing was, I saw this dress and didn't think I would like it, but the bottom hem is what caught my eye. I love the hell out of a full and flouncy dress. Side-note, this is not completely sheer or see through, unless wearing black underwear and taking a photo in the sunlight. AKA, don't be like me. 

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