Straight Up Motherhood

Straight Up Motherhood

Can you believe I'm sitting at my desk, ALL ALONE? Yep, the kids are happily enjoying a snack, and quietly doing so. I decided to get them outside early right after a big breakfast in hopes to wear Kai out. A cheap blow up pool, sandbox, water table, and plasma cars did him in real nice. He's been so great this morning. Praise Jesus, some of y'all are prayer warriors I tell you.

Yesterday's Insta-story was just what I needed. Sometimes I hold it all in for so long, and what really needs to happen is for me to let it out. Truly, I had no idea I would receive the response I did. Totally blew me away! I have so many messages from all of you that I can't scroll down far enough to get to the very beginning. Really, I can't thank all of you enough for reaching out. From the amazing advice I got, to the moms that are going through the same exact thing. It's helpful knowing you're not alone.

I'm not the kind of mom that pretends her children are perfect, flawless and better than everyone else's child. I acknowledge their weakness and strengths. If something is wrong, I'm going to fix it and get help. I may show the sweet photos of them, because truly who wants to see a photo of a child throwing a tantrum? Honestly, I don't think grabbing my phone would be my first reaction to that anyways. Regardless, I'm saying that I'm a real person behind my blog filled with pretty photos. We have a real life with real struggles that a lot of other people go through.

I actually met such a cool, down to earth mom at Madelyn's ballet class last week. We were talking and I mentioned how Madelyn is in the 3:00 class instead of 4:00 pm because her skill level is not like others her age. The look she gave me, like "did you really just say that?" was the kind of look that we perhaps bonded on. If that makes sense? I'm totally cool with being straight up with everything in my life. No judgement here. I mean, truly who has time for that? I sure as hell don't.

I'm blessed beyond belief that I get to pay our bills from this blog, but that doesn't mean what I say or do here is a sham or just a ploy to make money. I have always and will always only share what I truly believe in. Maybe that's why I get so bummed out when I have a sponsored Instagram post that totally flops and my engagement is really low. It's like as soon as someone sees is sponsored, they scroll right past it. When a brands recognizes my hard work and wants to partner with me, thats similar to getting praise or a raise at a "typical" job. Just because I don't work in an office, and instead I create content here for a living, doesn't mean as a blogger I do not deserve opportunities and recognition for hard work.

I guess I wanted you all as my readers, my friends, to understand me a little more. That your support wether I'm asking for parenting advice, just talking and ranting about everyday life, or a sponsored campaign I worked on with a brand, means SO much to me.

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