Stories of A Stay At Home Mom

Stories of A Stay At Home Mom

I originally started working on this post yesterday, but then Kai decided to not only waltz up and knock my coffee over while giving me the evil eye, spilling a fresh cup all over the desk, but he also turned the power cord off and shut down the computer. Ah, the lovely moments of being a stay at home mom, am I right? 

Well, let's talk about those lovely moments, and what my life is really like being a stay at home mom. You see photos, you make an assumption, you judge, you wonder. I get it! It's human nature. 

It started out like any typical day. We go downstairs and I get the kids their breakfast, and then proceed to make coffee and eat whatever I can before they start begging for that too. For the next hour I race around the house jumping from getting myself dressed and ready, to getting both kids ready, packing the diaper bag, turning off lights.. you know, cleaning up the mess from breakfast and what was left behind from the night before. Madelyn can't find her shoes, and Kai can't fit his chubby ass feet into his anymore. I guess we are adding that to the to-do list today. 

I buckle Kai in, and next is Madelyn. Open the garage door and we are finally off. Wait, I left my purse with my wallet inside. Let's try that again. This time we make it to our destination. Pretzels thrown all over the car. I decided Starbucks drive-thru would be a better decision than walking with a hot coffee through Target. I chug my latte like a champ, then notice a creepy van circling the empty parking lot, and a man staring us down. My anxiety could be playing tricks on me, but I won't chance it and we decide to stay in the car until the van leaves.

We're in, and Kai has already houdinied out of the cart seat belt, and is now standing like fucking Mufasa on Pride Rock. Madelyn has decided to stand now, too and keeps flailing over whenever I turn the cart. (Terrible mother!) I have already gone from each side of the store, twice. I can't think straight and have totally forgotten the bread crumbs for dinner. Fuck it, were already in line. It's so quiet and empty, but the employees are half asleep and the line is barely moving. 

Then, out of the darkness comes a red shirted hero coming to save me. The whole store heard us, but it was one woman who decided to do something about it. She waves and directs me over to an empty line she was opening up just for me. I'm turning into the line and Mario Andretti comes flying in to cut me off, I gave the look that I could kill her with my snickers bar, but the lovely employee stepped in to rescue me, yet again. Andretti finally backs off and returns to her motor scooter cart to pace up and down the aisles again. 

At this point, Kai has gotten so loud that my face is bright red, and I'm sweating profusely to the point that you can see the sweat from my fingers on the counter. To which Madelyn replies "Mommy, why are you wet there? Why are your fingers in water?" Cute, Maddy. Real cute. 

I keep telling myself that It's almost over, we'll bolt out that door in just a few seconds. The card reader is taking years off my life, and Kai is now climbing out of the cart. I mean, he's dangling half in, half out... head first. I get my wet ass receipt and crumple it in my purse, and toss Kai back in. 

We made it to the car and Kai is arching his back, refusing to let me strap him into his car seat. I think the whole store has followed us out to watch from the sidelines at this point. They've got fucking snacks and whatnot. I black out and trow all of the groceries into the back seat with the kids, wrestle Kai into his seat and jump in. The next thing I know we've got Chic Fil A and are almost home. Dear Jesus, what just happened? I must have kicked into survival mode at some point.

We're home, and I'm ready for a nap. Except it's only 3:30 and Chris doesn't get home until 7:30. 

You see, the days are long, and exhausting. Sometimes it seems as if time has stopped, but life keeps moving. Watching the clock as the hours drag by, waiting for 7:30 to get here so Chris can be home to save me, heck save us. Then there are days that are the complete opposite and it flies by, and were laughing and having fun. Running errands just the three of us, and everything is finally going smoothly. No tantrums, no nap-resisting. Just happy and peaceful babies. Those are the days that make all of the hard ones worth it. 

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