My Girl

My Girl

How was your weekend? We finally had a few days without rain, and the sun even decided to make an appearance yesterday. There is nothing I love more than the Florida sunshine. You can be outside for 10 minutes and go back inside with either a tan or a burn.. ha ha! 

Anyways, we finally made it back to West Palm and brought Madelyn with us this time. It was actually the most fun we've had while shooting and plan on bringing her whenever she wants from now on. We always thought it would be best to leave them at home to play, but Madelyn is obsessed with getting dressed up and taking pictures right now.. she even tells me "I have to finish my blog post" when I ask her to do something and she responds with "hold on!! I'm not done!" Her little voice when she says "bwog powst", I die. She is losing a lot of her baby traits, but one thing I can hold onto is her sweet voice. 

If you're wondering about Kai, he's still too wild and free to tag along. That boy has one speed and that's GO. Also, Climb all of the things, and dinosaur scream at the delivery people. ha ha! 

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