Seersucker Dress

Seersucker Dress

We had the best long weekend with the kiddos. I wanted to take them to Butterfly World for a while now, and of course we chose the hottest weekend. Regardless, Madelyn and Kai had a blast. We then spent our Sunday at the pool, and Kai is more tan than I am. ha ha! 

I distinctly remember walking outside during the summer and instantly being hit in the face with humid, heat. The kind of heat that your makeup melts off. The kind of heat where I used to drive to class without my pants on for fear of having swamp ass from sitting in the car, sweating to death. It's a struggle here in South FL during the summer months. :)

If you've already seen this look on my Instagram, have no fear! We shot new content over the weekend, but I couldn't help myself. I had to post this outfit on the blog too! this adorable seersucker dress is on sale for $66 right now and also comes in white. I love the high low design and for the first time, I've found a dress where the "off the shoulder" style actually stays off the shoulder and doesn't continuously pop up. Plus, I was able to wear the sleeves on my shoulders and it was just as cute! 

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