Palms and Stripes

Palms and Stripes

It takes time, as you go through life, to figure out what your personal style really is. I've gone through the super girly phase, preppy, boho, MaryKate and Ashley boho. ha ha! Even through all of those phases, I've always had more of a girly, feminine style peeking out of each phase. You really can't change what your heart wants.

White + Warren Palm Print Sweater c/o \\ Anthropologie skirt \\ Marc Fisher mule sandals \\ Chanel handbag \\ Preston and Olivia hat (sold out) similar style here , also love this one, and this one \\

Last week, I was getting ready to run errands and get a little break from the kids. Sometimes I really need that mental clarity, and a chance to get dressed and put together. Even if it's just for a few hours. Anyways, I was in my closet thinking of what to wear, and I saw this skirt hanging directly underneath this gorgeous palm printed cashmere sweater. The colors in each complemented the other perfectly, and I figured why the hell not? Let's go big or go home today! ha ha! 

I grabbed my shoes, and headed out. I knew I loved what I had on, but I had no idea how many kind strangers would come up to me just to tell me how much they loved it too! 

If you're not one for print mixing like I am, opt for a solid white tank. Like I did here. Or, try this soft pink lace cami, no need to even tuck it in if you'd prefer not to. The lace detailing and shorter length would flow so nice... actually, I might just have to order this top! This one shoulder, white top would be just as cute. 

I want to quickly point out, that this midi skirt is meant to have a lived in look. The fabric is lightweight, and woven with imperfections. Its soft, and flows so beautifully. I have a huge problem when people go online and write terrible reviews on garments, based on personal opinion. You cannot bash the quality of clothing because you do not like the way it was designed and created. That is your personal opinion, if you do not like the fabric or construction. This does not make the skirt of poor quality. I would not have purchased this if it was!

Sorry, rant over! :)

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