Creme Blush

Creme Blush

Creme blush, oh how I used to loathe you. Now, I LOVE you! You see, it took me a while to master the skill of applying and blending properly, without ruining the rest of my makeup and ending up a blotchy mess. 

I was going through my makeup box the other week, and stumbled upon this creme blush from Honest beauty. The color was so stingingly beautiful, and fresh. Exactly what I've been looking for, except I had no idea I was looking for anything until I saw this. ha ha! 

For starters, I use a liquid foundation. Don't hold me to this, because A. I am no makeup artist, and B. This is what works for me, but I have a hunch that if you try to apply a creme blush onto powder, it's no bueno. 

That's where my favorite foundation comes in handy, and then I apply my concealer. That's all I'll do before the blush. Wait to apply your bronzer and highlight until you've blended everything in nicely. 

You'll need a good amount of product on your finger, and then start patting it on at the apple of your cheek. When I say pat, I really mean pat. No rubbing! Do this all the way up, as you see in the photo I have applied the blush from the apple of my cheek, sweeping up and outward. Be careful, going too low with blush will give your face a drooping appearance. 

After I've patted and tapped my little heart out, I grab my beauty blender and lightly blend over with whatever is left on from applying my foundation. This really blends everything out evenly, and makes you glow! I've learned from doing this many times now, that it's best to start out with more product that you typically would, because you'll be blending a lot! 

Voila. That's it, my friends. You've now got a fresh, glowing look that's perfect for Spring and Summer. 

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