It's funny, you know those days you aren't even mad at the fact that its a bit gloomy? Where the rain comes and goes so quickly, you might get caught in it, but you might be lucky to miss it that time - The road smells of fresh rainfall, and the air feels light and pure. I love those days. Especially if you're able to spend it wandering aimlessly with the one you love. Popping into store after store and grabbing a bite to eat somewhere you've never tried before. This is why we love visiting West Palm Beach! We live so close, and although we've been many times before - each time still feels new. 

Every single street is picture perfect. From the beautiful homes, to the perfectly manicured landscape. The whole town is seriously charming. Reminds me a lot of Charleston, SC. Just a bit more humid at times ;) 

I chose the perfect outfit for the day - a lightweight trench, and cute sneakers that I could walk in all day. The asymmetrical hem and design of this Bernardo trench took this piece from a regular jacket to something special, and more unique. The fabric drapes and falls wonderfully, helping to achieve that effortless look I love so much. Plus, it's windproof, water-resistant, and breathable so it won't make you sweat like other rainwear. My favorite part? Tie it up for a more polished and put-together look, or let it out and wear untied for something more casual. 

Style Tip: Throw on your favorite date night/going out look - Skinny denim, blouse and heels. Have this gorgeous trench draped over for an uber chic look. You'll be sure to have compliments all night long. 

In partnership with Bernardo Outerwear