Seersucker Stripe Skirt

Seersucker Stripe Skirt

Technically, it's still winter here in South Florida, but it reminds me so much of spring in South Carolina. Making me hunt all over Pinterest and the internet for the perfect places to visit before summer hits. I've made a goal for myself, to get better at researching and planning trips. Typically, I get super overwhelmed and give up right in the begging of my search, but not anymore. I'm just going to relax, and go with the flow! 

I think we will travel in the country for now, and wait for those trips abroad until we've gotten better at this whole thing. People make it look so easy! Do you have any tips for me? Have I asked this before? I swear after having my babies, my memory is shot. I can't remember too much anymore! 

Quickly, I wanted to point out that the bruises on my shins are not a fake tanning incident, rather erythema nodosum.. a part of having an auto immune disorder. I just didn't feel the need to photoshop them out, sorry ! 

If you're ever in Palm Beach, you've got to make a stop to walk along Peruvian St! These photos don't do these gorgeous blooms as much justice as when you see them in person. One day, I'll have a home surrounded and covered in bougainvillea, hydrangeas.. all of it! 

I had originally intended on wearing this adorable, seersucker stripe skirt with my Equipment floral blouse. Well, I spotted this eyelet top and there was no going back. Not that my floral option didn't work, but I fell in love with the way these two pieces paired together! I felt so put together and ladylike for once... as a mom of two, that's a rare occasion these days. ha ha! 

Although, I really do love that Chris and I get a day together every weekend to shoot and spend time together, so if that's my one day to feel put together, I'll take it! :)

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