Cable Knit Cool

Cable Knit Cool

Here I am pretending it's Fall again, but this cool front has been AMAZING. Giving me everything I ever wanted weather-wise... except about five months too late. Hey, I'll take any chance I get to throw on my cozy pieces that I never get to wear anymore. Like this chunky cable knit sweater from Maje that I invested in this year. I loved the way it paired with my black cropped denim and Chanel sling-backs. You all know my heart signs for those casual-chic outfits consisting mostly of neutrals. 

We were walking down one of the neighborhood streets in West Palm, and spotted this bend in the road with these gorgeous gates, engulfed in lush greenery. Obviously stopping for photos, because who could pass this by? You could say my obsession with this town is very strong. 

I'm linking the makeup products I used, because for the first time - I can actually see my highlighter in these photos!! You can actually tell that I did my makeup and I'm swearing by this routine. Products and colors below :) 

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