NYFW Recap pt.1

NYFW Recap pt.1

Our original plans were to arrive Thursday Feb 9th early in the morning, but the blizzard cancelled all of that and I missed 90% of my shows. We ended up having to cram everything into a day and a half on top of the two shows I had left to attend. Plus, add in the fact that the city is still ice and snow/slush. Next year, I'll know to arrive the day before I have anything planned!

We decided to make the absolute most of it and have a great time regardless. Although I won't lie to you - I was still bummed out in the back of my mind, pretty much the whole time. I mean, I couldn't help but think about everything I missed! Esp. it being my first time finally attending Fashion Week. It's one thing if you go for the social aspect of Fashion Week, and to "be seen", but for those of us that actually love Fashion and want to see the runway shows and presentations - it sucks to have missed out on so much. That's one crazy thing about New York, everything is all jam packed into time slots and if you miss it, you miss it. Everything keeps moving, and quickly.

^^  Heading to the CG show  ^^

The key to dressing in the freezing February weather is to layer efficiently. I started with a tight fitting heat tech long sleeve and put a turtleneck on top. Next was a smaller jacket and a warm cape over my base layers. This way, you're warm and protected when outside, but you can easily take off your top two layers when you head into the shows. They have it HOT in there. Seriously, I saw so many people sweating their asses off. It's a big room filled with hundreds of people - with the heat on. 

That's why you see so many editors and bloggers heading into the shows without the huge coats and layers. They opt to be dropped off and walk inside only to quickly hop back into a heated car after the show. Instead, we decided to walk for much of our trip. That way, we could stop and shoot and really get to see the city!

I can see where people who have never experienced fashion week, would want to bash people for not dressing "warm enough" when you see them in photos, and wonder how cold they must be, but when you're there - you get it. 

We didn't stay for long, but we have friends in the city to help guide us to the best spots. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on where to go, eat and stay! 


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