NYFW pt2

NYFW pt2

After three cancelled flights, and missing an entire day of shows and events, we finally arrived in NYC Friday night. Checked into our hotel, and quickly changed for dinner. Dining at Cookshop with Krista from Covering the Bases, was one of the highlights of our trip. The food, ah the food. SO good! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend eating here. 

Saturday Morning, we hit the ground running. Chris woke up early and headed out for coffee and toothpaste (of course, we had to leave something!) and then picked me up from the hotel and we started our adventure around the city. We were walking and shooting, and then the next second I looked up and saw by CHLOE, immediately making a bee line for breakfast! I wish we would have had more time in the city to have gone back for lunch. The avocado toast and hash browns were excellent!


We had breakfast at  by CHLOE, lunch at Bodega Negra, and dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi. Every place we went to was amazing, but this sushi was the best and freshest I've ever had. The wait was 100% worth it! Our first night in town, we had dinner at Cookshop!


Dream Downtown - I had a great first impression of this place. Hotel staff was friendly and welcoming, and the bell hop was super charming. Bodega Negra is the restaurant downstairs, and its DELICIOUS. Our room was beautiful, functional, and cozy. Overall, a great experience in the beginning.

Fast forward to our last night there and that's when this whole thing took a turn for the worst. It was 3 a.m and we were just coming back from dinner and drinks with friends. All I wanted to do was get upstairs as quickly as possible, pack and get to bed. Meanwhile, theres a full on party/club going on in the lobby and "bouncers" at the elevators. I get, we stayed at a party scene hotel. I don't mind music, noise or parties at all. I mind the fact that I have to go through a bouncer when I'm paying to stay somewhere, and all I want is to go upstairs.

Anyways, I walked inside the elevator and was greeted by two unfriendly men. One of them clearly felt he was entitled to the whole building - except he obviously didn't own the place, because an owner wouldn't be so stupid to treat people the way this ass hat did. He proceeded to yell at me to get out and then the Dream Downtown employee that was working the elevator for him, physically pushed me out of the elevator.

If I were trying to get into a club, it would be one thing, but a place where I am staying? That's just unacceptable behavior.

I'm sure Dream Downtown is a great place to stay for some people. Heck, we had a lovely stay until this incident - but when the hotel didn't apologize or reach out to reconcile the situation, it showed me   they couldn't care less.

Instead, try 11 Howard or Soho Grand hotel.

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