Casual Coated Denim

Casual Coated Denim

I love when a super casual outfit feels dressier than it really is. Take this look for instance, a chambray blouse with coated denim rather than your typical pair of jeans makes it a bit more elevated. Since everything felt so dark on bottom, I went with a lighter blouse and a beige bag.

Ladies, it has taken me years and years of putting aside a little money here and there to finally invest in a Chanel. It's been a life dream to own one. When I received the text saying my bag had finally come in, I immediately felt so grateful and blessed. Not only because I have been on three different waiting lists (lol), but because I worked really hard for this. 

As women, we love to be spoiled. I get it, but there is no greater feeling than accomplishing something with your own hard work and dedication! 

Anyways, I hope you all have such an amazing day!


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