Love on the Weekend

Love on the Weekend

I'm not always "girly", but when I decide on it, I really go for it. It's the all out or nothing way of thought. I'm either in a leather jacket and my golden goose or in a full midi dress complete with pastel hued stripes. You either wake up feeling badass or jump out of bed like a princess. I admire those of you that can stick with one style. What I wear is entirely made up by the way I feel in that moment. 

Chris and I were driving around Palm Beach and ventured down one of the many side streets, trying to find a cute spot to shoot before we grabbed lunch. I'd say the majority here is picture perfect and beautiful scenery for photo backdrops. I fell in love with this big, pink house and wanted to move right in. The cute family was un-packing their car from a beach day, and we couldn't help but wander down their side of the street to get a closer look. Watching them made me wonder what our life will be like a few years down the road. Maybe we will be proud owners of a pink or yellow house by the beach... who knows! ha ha. 

As you can tell, my Clare Vivier tote has done me very well since purchasing back over the summer. I'm contemplating biting the bullet and ordering it in black as well. It's the perfect, everyday bag for your warm weather travels.. or just day-to-day life. Speaking of warm weather, I've worn my Clare V simple tote a lot the past week, how cute would this version be for Spring and Summer?? (I'm dying inside) 

Anyways, It's taken me a few tries to finish up this post and I'm pretty sure Madelyn is stuffing Kai into the tent... with nothing but undies and a pink cape.. signing to the top of her lungs, of course. I better go save him! 


Mara Hoffman dress \\ Joie sandals (order one size up!) \\ Clare V handbag \\ Celine sunglasses \\ bracelet stack is a mix from Margaret Elizabeth, Kendra Scott, and Brandy Pham

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