By a landslide, this is my most requested piece of advice. I receive countless e-mails daily asking for  insight on how I started. If you ask any blogger this question, their response will be the same. Of course, they will vary a tiny bit, but for the most part this is really it! I'm still learning new things all the time, and I am far from accomplishing my goals. I figure all of this isn't a secret. Just a matter of hard work and dedication.

1. Find your Niche. What is your passion? What do you enjoy writing about/doing? You'll need to be creative and create original content. Blogging about something you already know and love is easier than trying to learn a skill or subject.

2. Research.  This is where you will learn pretty much everything you need to know on creating your blog. When I started, I quite literally did an internet search for every question I had. No joke, I searched "how to add a pin it button to my blogger photo" or "Blogger web designs" - I purchase mine on Etsy! 

What blogs do you enjoy? Why do you like them? Research your heart out and take notes. You'll begin to see what you have an interest in - and go for it! 

3. Be consistent. Years later, this is something I struggle with still to this day. It's 100% the truth and one of the big keys to gaining loyal readers. If you skip days, weeks, or even months - people will forget to go to your blog! 

BUT, consistency doesn't just apply to a posting schedule. Stick with your niche. Basically, don't be all over the place. If you visit my blog, you'll know it's a personal style blog. Yes, I like to incorporate my family or beauty from time to time, but you won't see me giving advice on much else. I'm not giving recipes or parenting advice. There is nothing wrong with either, of course. It's just not my niche! 

4. Be unique. What sets yourself aside from everyone else? What makes your blog different from the many out there? Don't worry, there are still plenty of ideas that nobody has thought of! This goes back to research, what is missing from the blogging community? Maybe there are blogs you love, that give you inspiration, but what could you do differently that is unique to you? Be specific with your passion. 

Writing this has even helped me clarify a lot for myself and my blog.

The basics. 
You'll need to sign up for a Blogger or WordPress account. Next, you'll need a domain name. Then, a web design. I purchased all of mine through Etsy. If you're interested in making money, you can sign up for Google AdSense, and apply to an affiliate network like ShopStyle Collective or Reward Style. Once you've established yourself and gained a following, you can partner with brands and collaborate. Sponsorships are a big part of how bloggers continue to grow and earn income. Tip: invest in quality photography! This truly helps so much. Brands won't want to pay for a grainy picture you took with your camera phone. 

I love hearing from all of you. I want you to know that your e-mails do not go unnoticed. Although it's physically impossible for me to respond to them all, I do see them and I want to help! Leave me a comment below with what you would like to learn about next! 


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