Come Find Me

Come Find Me

It was the perfect weekend to walk around Palm Beach, coordinating outfit, and big hat in tow. 

I walked into Anthropologie, saw this outfit hanging in the corner and gasped silently to myself. They must have just added it into the floor set the previous day/night. Quickly, grabbing my size in both top and bottom, I made a bee line for the fitting room. This is the kind of look you do a little dance in while trying on. 

Fast forward to the weekend..

We woke bright and early.. ha ha kidding. I am the farthest from a morning person. I rolled out of bed like a bear that had just woken from hibernation, and started the process of getting ready and packing up for our long day ahead. If you're new here, Chris and I shoot on weekends. Bringing all of my looks I've planned with us and exploring one to two locations. Changing along the way. It's how our life has turned out since having kiddos and we aren't mad at it one bit. 

Back to the story, I stepped out of the car.. and look to find Chris. We made eye contact and with a smile he sang "I'm a genie in a bottle baby".. ha I had to agree with him on that and laugh it off. We snapped a few photos and decided to walk down to the water. Days like this one where we get a chance to really explore and have fun are my favorite. 

My straw tote and wide brimmed hat paired with metallic sandals brought this coordinating set back down to casual cool status. 


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